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Infuse Azure consulting and development services to transform & achieve exponentially growing results.

zectos Technology

We deliver the power of Azure for digital success,

We specialize in Multi Cloud, analytics, AI-powered technology, Azure development and modern digitalization solutions.

Quickly develop scalable & high-performing Web Applications on Azure

Deploy Multi-tenant SaaS portals & applications rapidly leveraging Azure PaaS

Modernize & re-architect legacy apps into Cloud-native applications using Azure

Explore our fully Customizable Azure offerings

Wheather you are getting started with Azure, or already in Microsoft cloud and need azure development and infrastructure

Principles driving the transformational success

Transform business with solutions that satisfy the needs of today and unlock the opportunities of tomorrow.

Take a broad approach to building out your skill portfolio.

Focus where your Velocity Matters

Align transformation efforts to expected business goals.

Plan on a 12-to-18-month horizon but expect to adjust along the way.

Derisk Business unknowns with scalable MLP

Instead of “Minimum Viable Products,” businesses must think of “Minimum Lovable Products.”

Bring design to the table early

Rather than building your product and then handing it over to your designers to "pretty up" at the end, work with them from the start. Even if it's the best working product in the world, with terrible UX design, it's doomed to fail.

Adopt Design in all images

Build your community

Having a loyal and enthusiastic community is a gold mine for any company. Work with your marketing team to create online spaces for your users.

Build your community
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Tell your story

Your "why" should be woven into the very fabric of your product. Your "why" is your North Star, and it shows people who you are.

Tell your story

Tell your story

Your "why" should be woven into the very fabric of your product. Your "why" is your North Star, and it shows people who you are.

Tell your story

Gather the right qualitative feedback

Lovability is subjective, but that doesn't mean it can't be data-driven. Listen to your customers when they tell you how they feel about your product. Give them what they want, as well as what they need.

Gather the right qualitative feedback

Remember the 'M' in MLP

The focus here is still to launch the minimum in case you need to pivot. Focus on lovable features and design work that aren't cost-intensive.

Remember the 'M' in MLP

How we create value for these industries

Automotive Industry

Shaping the Value Chain of the Automotive Industry. We integrate smart applications and digitalization into the various production processes, pursuing optimized efficiency.

Automotive Industry
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Oil and Gas

Asset Optimization With Digital Twins. This concept is rooted in the development of advanced systems, using big data to deliver new insights and predictions.

Oil and Gas
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Retail and Ecommerce

Digitalizing the Whole Value & Supply Chain. To meet our clients' needs we offer long term, annual or on-demand maintenance & support services, with fast application build-ups.

Retail and commerce
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Improve your business outcomes

Everything you need to secure, integrate and optimize Microsoft Azure Cloud & services

Digital Business Operations

  • Business Process Services
  • Enterprise Services
  • IAM ( including MIM support)
  • Migrations
  • Operations
  • FinOps
Digital Business Operation

Consulting Services

  • CIO Advisory
  • Digital Transformation
  • AI & Automation
  • Talent & Organization
Digital Business Operation

Cloud Applications

  • DevOps & CI/CD
  • Web & Mobile apps
  • App Delivery
  • CRM
Digital Business Operation

Analytics and Security

  • Data Analytics & AI
  • Enterprise source of truth
  • Intelligent applications
  • Advanced visualizations
  • Machine Learning models
Digital Business Operation

Application Development & Maintenance

  • Domain Consulting
  • Technology Consulting
  • Open Source Development
  • Agile & Devops
Digital Business Operation

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Cutting edge Technology

We use a plethora of open-source technologies like .Net 5, Spring Boot, NodeJS, Python, Blazor, React to build scalable platforms

Microservice Architecture, Micro Frontends, Serverless Architectures, Domain-Oriented Observability

We help you to define a collection of design patterns, component libraries, and good design and engineering practices that ensure consistent digital products.

Zectos empowers most imaginative ambitions
by designing cloud-native solutions.

We provide timeless partnership with tested processes, cutting edge technologies and trust of Azure infrastructure
customized to your busness scalability and operational success

  • Microsoft
  • Microsoft
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  • Microsoft

We work with native cloud-based infrastructure with modern architectural values of Containerization and Orchestration, Infrastructure as code, Event-Driven Systems, Microservices, Automation, Security Compliance

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